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Sprayers and Safety Equipment
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Treck Professional Sprayer Treck Professional Sprayer

Tank: 16L capacity.

Visible liquid level.

Reinforced ergonomic seat for improved back comfort for prolonged use.

Highly comfortable innovative carrying concept (designed and developed in partnership with LAFUMA, a specialist in back packs)

Very comfortable shoulder strap/back strap/waist belt set (straps and belt are adjustable lengthwise)

Weight distribution is 50% on the shoulders and 50% on the lower back - each strap is adjustable.

Removable accessory bag (nozzles, etc).

The reversible pump lever (left/right) is adjustable in all positions (width and height - in 10 degree increments).

High capacity membrane and curvilinear piston pump.

Pressure limiter adjustable from 0 to 5 bars.

Highly chemical resistant and mechanically tough composite telescopic lance tube, 0.6m / 1.2m long.

Adjustable universal nozzle holder.

Comes complete with a set of weeding nozzles:
TREATMENT: 1 nozzle holder with plate and 3 tips (10,12 and 15/10th)
WEEDING : 1 nozzle holder without plate, 1 blue brush nozzle; 1 brown
mirror nozzle; 1 high-capacity stainless steel mirror nozzle.

Order Code: 35410 

Price:   £129.00 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

3 Nozzle Wide Beam Attachment 3 Nozzle Wide Beam Attachment

Optional Extra for Treck Professional Sprayer

Order Code: 35416 

Price:   £14.95 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

Tyvek Protective Suit Tyvek Protective Suit

Tough economy suit in white or green.

For general full protection.

Order Code: SA9770 

Price:   £7.50 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

For gloves and other safety equipment see General Tools Section



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