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Sarel Spiking Rollers
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Does not tear. Can be used without interrupting play.

Aeration of the roots, greatly stimulating a healthy and vigorous growth and preventing burning during hot weather.

The holes made by the spikes permit the hot air to escape and the fresh, stimulating air and dew to penetrate the roots, at the same time loosening the soil, allowing the roots to spread freely and healthily and providing drainage.

Allows top dressing to penetrate easily to the roots ensuring quicker and more lasting results.

Prevents moss forming.

Cross section showing shape of incision made by spikes.

Cross section showing shape of incision made by spikes.

 300mm(12") Wide Unit 300mm(12") Wide Unit

This portable tool is the ideal aerator for smaller lawns, smaller areas of turf and where access is narrow.

A comfortable and easy tool to use.

Weight: 30kgs 63 spikes

Order Code: 10030 

Price:   £419.00 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)


600mm (24") Wide Unit 600mm (24") Wide Unit

For use on golf greens, bowling greens, tennis courts, croquet lawns and larger gardens.

Fits through most doorways.

Weight 54 kgs 126 spikes.

Order Code: 10060 

Price:   £595.00 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

 900mm (36") Wide Unit 900mm (36") Wide Unit

For speedy aeration of larger Greens, Bowls, Cricket Squares, Tennis Courts etc.

Weight: 80kgs 189 spikes

Order Code: 10090 

Price:   £565.00 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)


Towing Bracket + Eye
Fits All Sarel spikers and attachments to tactors. 




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