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Round Pluggers and Soil Samplers
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Round Pluggers

2" Spotless Plugger 2" Spotless Plugger

Removes 2" (5cm) plugs to an adjustable depth of 2-4" (5-10cm).

All cut plugs are collected in the tube stem, leaving no mess.

The blade is hardened and fully adjustable.

Weight: 2.2 kg

Order Code: 15320 

Price:   £79.00 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

3" Plugger / Bulb Planter 3" Plugger / Bulb Planter

Removes 3" (7.5cm) diameter plugs to a depth of 5" (12cm).

Fitted with a foot stirrup for quick and continuous usage.

Weight: 1.85 kg

Order Code: 15330

Ideal for patch repair, planting bulbs, small plants etc. 

Price:   £46.50 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

Soil Samplers

Impact 2" Soil Sampler Impact 2" Soil Sampler

Similar in design to the the range of Golf Hole Cutters, this soil sampler is super for taking tough samples, plus many other applications such as making holes for posts.

Depth: 12" (30cm)

Order Code: 25220 

Price:   £110.00 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

Handy Stainless Soil Sampler 3/4" (2cm) Handy Stainless Soil Sampler 3/4" (2cm)

A high quality small core sampler manufactured in stainless steel and features a double window tine for quick and easy appraisal of soil stratas near the surface.

This handy sampler has a loose ‘T’ handle for convenient storage and for assistance with removal of the sample.

Supplied complete with storage container.

Depth: 12" (30cm)

Order Code: 25060 

Price:   £42.00 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

Agronomist Open End Sampler 0.63" (16cm) Agronomist Open End Sampler 0.63" (16cm)

Machined from solid stainless steel.

A high quality tool with its end left open for easy appraisal of the sample.

Depth: 13" (33cm)

Order Code: 25030

Price:   £69.00 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

Standard Soil sampler 1" (2.5cm) Standard Soil sampler 1" (2.5cm)

For general purpose work.

The core sample taken is easily examined in the large tine window.

Depth: 12" (30cm)

Order Code: 25010 

Price:   £42.00 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

Soil Sampler 1.5" (3.8cm) Soil Sampler 1.5" (3.8cm)

For larger sample requirements.

This tool can also assist as a ground socket applicator for posts.

Depth: 12" (30cm)

Order Code: 25040 

Price:   £52.00 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

Soil Profile Sampler Soil Profile Sampler

A robust shovel type sampler, slightly tapered to give a clean cut with minimal disturbance.

The blade is easily removed to allow examination of the profile.

The plug can be replaced with minimal surface disturbance.

Depth: 7.9" (19.4cm)

Order Code: 25210 

Price:   £105.00 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)



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