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Flag Pins
acorn golf products

Too Much Choice

There are over 1000 possible combinations of flag pins.

When choosing which base ferrule, colour and striping options plus the numerous options for fixing to flags the number of options become mind boggling.

However, to help narrow down your search we have designed a simple coding system that breaks down every part you require into a basic assembly list.

We can supply every conceivable option from a budget pin through to the Rolls Royce of tournament standards.

One of our most popular middle range examples:

EXAMPLE: 2m King Spin White/Black Stripe UK Flag Pin EXAMPLE: 2m King Spin White/Black Stripe UK Flag Pin

2m = £2.00
KS = £8.35
WB3 = £2.00
UKP = £1.95

Order Code: FPKSUKP20WB3 

Price:   £14.30 (Excluding: VAT at 20%)

PRICING - All flag pins are priced each but packaged in 10's as standard.

Choosing your Pin Easy as 123 Choosing your Pin Easy as 123


ST = D-Ring £4.35
KS = K-Spin £8.35
SW = T-Swivel £9.35


UKP = UK Plastic £1.95
UKM = UK Metal £3.95
USP = US Plastic £2.95
USM = US Metal £4.95


20 = 2m (6.7ft) £2.00
25 = 2.5m (8.5ft) £4.00
30 = 3m (10ft) £6.00


W = White £1.00
WB3 = W/Blk 3-Stripe £2.00
WBB = W/Blk Base £2.00
Y = Yellow £1.00
YB3 = Y/Blk 3-Stripe £2.00
YBB = Y/Blk Base £2.00

Please enter the quantity of flag pins you require - then choose your options using the drop down boxes below: 


Choose your top

Choose your bottom

Choose your length

Choose your colour

Standard Pin Top

Standard Pin Top

Standard Pin with D ring and ball top - suits tie flags.

King Spin Top

King Spin Swivel Top - suits tie or velcro flags.

Rotating components designed to allow the flag to spin freely through 360 degrees without getting tangled.

Swivel Tube Pin Top

Swivel Tube Pin Top with Nut - suits tube flags.

A very high quality solid stainless steel pin top, with stainless steel nut.

Suitable for our high quality swivel tube flags.

Can also be supplied with a threaded 'top knob' for easy attachment.

Similar to our putting flags.

Octolock UK & US Ferrules

Plastic Ferrules

Plastic Ferrules

Made from special tough wearing nylon.

Suits the Octolock hole cups.

UK and USA sizes.

Bronze Ferrules

Made from solid cast bronze, these heavyweight ferrules provide great stability and exceptional prestige.

The 'feel' of your pins with these fitted says it all.

UK and USA sizes.

Pin Height & Colour

Pin Height & Colour

Available in 2m (6.7ft) White / Black as standard.

Other sizes and colours are available - see drop down box above.